Indios Bororo – Bororo Vive (N/D)

Idéia Livre 521.404.030

About the Índios Bororó (from Mato Grosso?) and their culture and tradition I know as much as about the Poari, which amounts to absolutely nothing.

If our friend The Trackfinder (or somebody else who might know) reads this post and has enough spare time to write a few words, I will be happy to add them to this post.

The tracks:

01. Choro Ritual
02. Kare e Paru
03. Toro Paru
04. Marido Paru
05. Aroe Epa Ruia
06. Aroe Ekê
07. Aije Paru
08. Aije Aco
09. Marena Ruie
10. Aije Paru
11. Kege Berege
12. Aroe Enogwarê
13. Roia Mugureu Merijiwu
14. Aroe Enogware Aije Doge
15. Choro Ritual
16. Roia Kurireu
17. Aroe Enogware
18. Pobo Maduku Interpretes: Índios Bororo / Poari
19. Pobo Maduku


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