Os Versateis (1964)

Copacabana CLP – 11368

Os Versáteis I have never heard before and I could not tell you much about them yesterday, but today i know that they consist of Ary Fontoura and Odelair Rodrigues as well as I know other facts about them and their art concept as in the meantime I read the back cover text written by Vinícius Coêlho, which you can also read and know much more than I know, especially if Portuguese is your native language.

Anyway, this recording consists of two different sides.

The first one is a short theatre play with dialogues which you will surely understand better than I did, with Odelair Rodrigues singing one song.

The other side is purely musical: Ary Fontoura is singing all six compositions:

Lado A – Com Ary Fontoura e Odelair Rodrigues:

01. AberturaOrquestra
      (Can-can, motivo de “Deputado”, de Inami Custodio Pinto)

02. Traillers 
      (Ary Fontuoura) Com Ary Fontoura

03. Superstição – Samba
      (Inami Custodio Pinto) 
      Canta: Odelair Rodrigues

04. Piadas (D.P.)
      Com Ary Fontoura

05. Deputado – Conga
      (Ary Fontuoura) 
      Canta: Ary Fontoura

06. Dr. Pomposo 
      (Ary Fontoura) 
      (com motivos de “Deputado”, de Inami Custodio Pinto) 

Lado B – Com Ary Fontoura:

07. Conselho da Vovó – Cha-cha-cha
      (Inami Custodio Pinto)

08. Não Importa – Bolero
      (Inami Custodio Pinto)

09. Discussão 
      (Dora Lopes / Genival Melo)

10. Enigma – Samba-canção
      (Ary Fontuoura)

11. Tudo Prá Mim É Você – Samba-canção 
      (Candido dos Santos)

12. Mais Uma Valsa… Mais Uma Saudade – Valsa
      (José Maria de Abreu / Lamartine Babo)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ARY FONTOURA by Edson Mendes: 
Ary Fontoura is a famous Brazilian actor, with many works in theatre, movies and TV (more than 40 soap operas). Wikipedia says that he reached to record this LP based on the experience he had achieved singing romantic songs, as boleros and samba-canções, in Curitiba‘s brothels.  Curitiba is his native city.