Os Grilos (N/D)

CID 14.012

There were occasions on which I could tell you very little about the artists presented here.
This time it is different: I can tell you absolutely nothing!
Os Grilos are for the first and last (?) time on Parallel Realities with their only (?) recording, released at an unknown date (?).
More than that would be guesswork like:
Hm… The cover design points to flower power & acid tests taking place at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies… etc, etc…

To be able to competently guess more, the way to take is to download the album and listen to:

01. Eu Também Quero Mocotó (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
      O Cabeção (Roberto Corrêa / Sylvio Son)
02. Pimenta no Sagú (Orlandivo)
03. Airport Love Theme (Alfred Newman / Paul Francis Webster)
04. Oye Como Vá (Tito Puente)
05. Rainbow (William Campbell / Thomas McAleese)
06. Lei de Murici (J. Canseira / Leôncio)
07. Meu Laiá-Raiá (Martinho da Vila)
08. Candida (Toni Wine / Irwin Levine)
09. Charanga (Dom / Wanderléa)
10. Hoje (Taiguara)
      Universo No Teu Corpo (Taiguara)
11. Procurando Tu (Antônio Barros / J. Luna)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos