Orquestra Copacabana – Nos Bailes da Minha Juventude (1961)

Copacabana CLP 11178

Orquestra Copacabana, presented tonight for the first time on Parallel Realities, has recorded lots of 78 rpm recordings from 1931-1961 but only two albums.   

Nos Bailes da Minha Juventude, released in 1961, may best be understood by reading on the back cover an inspired text about the artistic scene at that moment as well as about the musicians and compositions performed, written by the exceptional artist taking part in the recording of this LP as producer and music selector: Lamartine Babo.


Augusto Vasseur (Piano)
José Américo (Tuba, Contrabaixo)
Julio Barbosa (Piston)
Edmundo Maciel (Trombone)
Tico-Tico (Banjo)
Netinho (Saxofone, Clarineta)
Irany e Pinheiro (Violinos)
Lenir Siqueira (Flauta)
Duduca (Bateria)
Chuca-Chuca (Vibrafone)

Coro de Joab Teixeira

Orquestrações: Maestro Guaraná

Direçao de Estúdio: Altamiro Carrilh


1. Las Campanas (Villadomat)
    Smiles (Jill Will Callahan / Lee S. Roberts)
    Apaches (D. Rulli)
    Abajur (Salomé) (Robert Stolz / Ennio Neri)
    Hindustan (Harold Weeks / Oliver Wallace)
    When Buddha Smiles (Nacio Herb Brown)
    Kalua (Jerome Kern / Anne Caldwell)
    Uma Festa no Japão (Eduardo Souto)
    For Me And My Gal (George W. Meyer / Edgar Leslie / Ray Goetz)
    I Love You (H. Archer)
    Whispering (Richard Coburn / Vincent Rose / John Schonberger)
    Truly (J. Kern)
    Sweetheart Lane (L. A. Hirsch)
    Stubling (J. Confrey)

2. Venetian Moon (P. Goldberg / F. Magine)
    Príncipe (Joubert de Carvalho)
    O Cigano (Marcelo Tupinambá / João do Sul)
    Machinalment (Maurice Yvain)
    J’en Ai Marre (M. Yvain)
    Mon Homme (Albert Willemetz / Maurice Yvain / Jacques Charles)
    Je T’aime (C. Attic)
    Mimosa (Leopoldo Fróes)
    The Vamp (B. Gay)
    Tell Me (M. Kortlandler)
    Bright Eyes (M. K. Jerome / Harry B. Smith / Otto Motzan)
    Las Campanas (Villadomat)

All compositions from the two medleys are included as individual tracks and also as uninterrupted Lado A and Lado B


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos