Antonio de Franca e Jose Cardoso – Violas e Violeiros (1981)

Sertanejo/Chantecler 2.11.405.369

Violeiros Antônio de França and José Cardoso from Limoeiro do Norte are for the first time on Parallel Realities. As the discography of musician from the North is seldom completely listed, I can not be sure that this is, as Memoria Musical says, really their only album.
On the other hand the back cover has a story about them and their career straight from the pen of Rose Guirro, so I suggest to read it as it offers more facts than I, who know nothing, could possibly do.

The compositions are:

1. A Volta do Vaqueiro (Chico Pedra) José Cardoso
2. Embolada Esportiva (Otacílio Batista) Antônio de França
3. Brasil de Norte a Sul (Antônio de França / José Cardoso)
4. Caboclo Agricultor (Antônio de França / José Cardoso)
5. Homenagem à Criança (Antônio de França / José Cardoso)
6. Debate de Cantadores (Antônio de França / José Cardoso)
7. Uma Tarde de Saudade (Pedro Bandeira) Antônio de França


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