Ivanildo e Seu Conjunto – Do Coracao do Ceara (1963)

Caravelle LP-CAR 33.013

Ivanildo Silva, also known as IvanildoSax de Ouro” or just Ivanildo, has been presented a long, long time ago on Loronix with a career album from 1979 called O Sax de Ouro, which I re-posted back in 2012 in the other reality.

Ivanildo has recorded quite a lot, I found that there are (at least) 16 career LPs and 5 78 rpm albums listed on Memoria Musical + one CD released in 1999.

About Ivanildo and his music, you may read the back cover text straight out of Otacílio Colares‘ pen, while the images of the musicians you may also find displayed on two photographs, unfortunately with not completely legible tags.

The tracks are:

01. Abertura – aprsentação de Collid Filho com prefixo musical do conjunto
02. Do Coração do Ceará (Ednaldo Andrade)
03. Skokiaan (August Msarurgwa)
04. X-9 (Altamiro Carrilho)
05. Cigana (Billy Reid)
06. Barbalha (Ivanildo Silva)
07. Ruth Mambo (Ednaldo Andrade)
08. Alencarina Bonita (José Amancio / José Januario)
09. Caravana (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol)
10. El Merengue de Gaspar (Sylvio Mazzucca)
11. Charmaine (Erno Rapee / Lew Pollack)
12. Melancholy Rhapsody (Ray Heindorf / Sammy Cahn)
13. Cha-Hua-Hua (Joe Lubin / Irving Roth)
14. Encerramento – com Collid Filho e o sufixo musical do conjunto 


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos