Chepsel e Seus Sonexoticos – Sons exoticos em Tempo de Danca (1959)

Odeon MOFB 3098

Vibraphone player Chepsel and his Sonexóticos for the first time on Parallel Realities with their only (?) recording released in 1959…

Not much information about Chepsel, apart from those found in a short and unsigned text on the back cover, printed together with this track list:

01. Taboo (Margarita Lecuona)
02. Avalon (Buddy DeSylva/Al Jolson/Vincent Rose)
03. Estrada do Sol (Tom Jobim/Dolores Duran)
04. Hindustan (Harold Weeks/Oliver Wallace)
05. Hô-Bá-Lá-Lá (João Gilberto)
06. Hong Kong Blues (Hoagy Carmichael)
07. Istambul (J. Kennedy/Norman Simon)
08. Babalú (Margarita Lecuona)
09. As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld)
10. Índia (Manuel Ortiz Guerrero/José Asunción Flores)
11. The Sheik Of Araby (Harry Bache Smith/Francis Wheeler/Ted Snyder)
12. André de Sapato Novo (André Victor Correia)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

THE CHEPSEL IDENTITY by Леонид Богданов:
Chepsel=Chepsel Lerner+Chuca-Chuca