Livio Tragtenberg – Ritual (1981)

Cultura Musical CM-19

Multi instrumentalist and composer Livio Tragtenberg has his first appearance on Parallel Realities with his first album out of (as far as I know) two.

The performers on this first one are:

Livio Tragtenberg (Piano, Órgão, Sax soprano)
Damilton Viana (Percussão, Berimbau, Bateria)
Carlos Watkins (Sax tenor em Choro árabe)

Enjoy his compositions:

1. Choro Árabe (Livio Tragtenberg)
2. Olho do Dia (Livio Tragtenberg)
3. Mariceli (Livio Tragtenberg)
4. Gozador Amoroso (Livio Tragtenberg)
5. Pianinho (Livio Tragtenberg)
6. Alba (Livio Tragtenberg)


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