Grасе Јоnes – Libertango (Parallel Realities extended mix)

Some thirty years ago I bought in a Belgrade LP shop an album by Grасе Јоnes, an artist unknown to me at that time, called Nightсlubbing, just because it contained a version of Astor Piazzola’s Libertango…
When listening to it, I could realy feel the atmosphere of Paris, a city I like very much and where I spent a lot of time, doing just what the title of the album says: Going from one night spot to the other and having a really good time. Of course, a Paris where you can walk in the middle of the night with just an occasional attempt here and there by cons trying to make some money by making a grim face and a threatening gesture, accompanied by a: Donne moi dix francs! is a Paris that does not exist anymore, still the atmosphere radiates out of this song more than out of any Jaques Brel or Gilbert Becaud title, in spite of Grасе Јоnеs’ horrible accent.
The song became a big hit as was inevitable, but, from my point of view, it was too short.

In short: At a place out of this world where time travelers and travelers through parallel realities meet to exchange experience, I found an extended version, remixed without any additional sounds added or deformed by filters, lasting exactly 14 :54.
It manufactured as a 12inch 45rpm EP, with the other side completely empty. The cover displayed Grасе Јоnеs with a cigarette in her mouth…

Turn up the amplifier and enjoy Paris at it’s best by taking a trip while listening to:

1. Libertango (Parallel Realities extended mix) 14:54