Fаntсhа – 12 inch 45rpm EP (1997 a parallel reality)

Since the day the great Сеsaria Еvora passed away, I have been trying to find a way to remember here this exquisite artist other then posting any of her albums as all of them are available to the honest buyer as well as to the wicked free downloader.
Well, except of great music she left to the world, she taught her young friend and protége Fаntсhа how to sing mornas, the unique music style of Cabo Verde, the tiny Atlantic group of islands near Africa’s west coast.
So here is a 12 inch 45rpm EP by Fаntсhа as I found it in one of the countless parallel realities, where such EPs are still printed…

The two mornas on this EP are sung in portuguese, beautiful and worth your attention, so enjoy:

01. Sol ja camba
02. Um cria ser poeta