Laurindo Almeida – Guitar Music of Latin America (1956)

Capitol (USA)

A rip from a cassette with the recorded LP. The complete album is presented as one uninterrupted track:

01. Study Nº 11 In e Minor (Villa-Lobos)
02. Study Nº 5 In C Major (Villa-Lobos)
03. Prelude Nº 4 In e Minor (Villa-Lobos)
04. Prelude Nº 2 In e Major (Andantino) (Villa-Lobos)
05. Bullerias Y Canción (José Barroso)
06. Tehuacan (Lamento Y Danza) (José Barroso)
07. Preludio Op 5 Nº 1 In G Minor (Agustin Barrios)
08. Choro da Saudade (Agustin Barrios)
09. Valse (Manuel Ponce)
10. Preludio Y Tremolo (Laurindo Almeida)
11. Invention In Two Parts (Laurindo Almeida)
12. Cajita de Música (Laurindo Almeida)


Créditos: Twinkler


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