Gianni Ferrio & Gino Marinacci – Lady Bossa Nova In Italy (1963)

Cinedell Records CNJZ 87

This 500 copies limited edition compilation CD was posted five years ago on In-Flight Entertainment where I downloaded it from. The original link has expired a long time ago and as I have enjoyed it very much I have taken the liberty to re-post it in this parallel reality.

The musicians are:

Composed By, Arranged By, Conductor: Gianni Ferrio
Vocals: Marina Moran
Contrabass: Berto Pisano
Drums: Sergio Conti
Flute: Gino Marinacci
Guitar: Enzo Grillini
Horns: Maria Verzella
Percussion: Giuseppe Starita
Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards: Lino Cerveglieri
Trombone: Biagio Marullo
Violin [1st]: Tino Fornai
Harp [Electric]: Anna Palumbo

The compositions are:

01. Lady Bossa Nova (Ferrio / Fornai)
02. Barquinho (Menescal / Boscoli) Vocals: Marina Moran
03. Alba (Ferrio)
04. Non Mi Dire Adeus (Ferrio / Fornai) Vocals: Marina Moran
05. Linea Del Ecuador (Ferrio)
06. Desafinado (Tom Jobim)
07. Stanotte Come Ogni Notte (Ferrio)
08. Poche Parole (Ferrio / Fornai)
09. Ilha De Coral (Luiz Bonfa)
10. Un Desiderio Per L’Estate (Ferrio / Fornai)
11. Ao Cair Do Sol (Luiz Bonfa)
12. Samba Do Bom (Vinicius de Moraes)


Créditos: In-Flight Entertainment


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