Gerson Filho – Oito Baixos (1957)

Todamérica LPP-TA-9

Actually accordion player Gerson Filho is not appearing in this parallel reality for the first time now, as he is one of the participants on a various artist album dedicated to Quadrilhas called Só Quadrilhas.
Anyway, the 10′ LP presented today is his first career album out of altogether 28 (at least).
About his life and career prior to this first album you may read all relevant facts inside a detailed text on the back cover, written by Djalma Sobrinho.

The eight tracks are:

1. Cantingueira do Sertão (Gerson Filho)
2. Bonitinho (Gerson Filho/Miguel Lima)
3. Frevo Maluco (Gerson Filho/Irmãos Orlando)
4. Três e Trezentos (Miguel Lima/Gerson Filho)
5. Canaan (Gerson Filho)
6. Penéra o Baixo (Gerson Filho)
7. Candonga (Gerson Filho/Miguel Lima)
8. Sanfona na Escócia (Gerson Filho) 


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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