Grito de Carnaval (1962)

Philips P 630.483 L

My friend Aktivista who is running several blogs among which is Stari Gramofon (Old Gramophone), finds from time to time vinyl Lps from Brazil in notorious Belgrade flea markets he checks regularly…
Mostly it is Carnaval music, bought by Serbian tourist as souvenirs from Brazil. Where exactly he has found this one, I omitted to ask but wherever found, it is now in his collection and posted on his site.
It is his transfer and scans and all compositions are presented as one file:

01. Velho Pois Pois (Francisco José / Genessi) Francisco José
02. Pé de Meia (Luis de França / Nahum Luis) Ademilde Fonseca
03. Passe na Lapa (Luis de França / Jackson do Pandeiro / Nivaldo Lima) Jackson do Pandeiro
04. Maria Carnaval (Emilinha Borba / Fernando Costa) José Messias
05. Papel Crepom (Almira Castilho / Paulo Gracindo) Jackson do Pandeiro
06. Frevo do Estudante (Jonas Cordeiro) Jonas Cordeiro
07. Marcha do Carequinha (José Messias) José Messias
08. Vou Ter Um Troço (Otolindo Lopes / Jackson do Pandeiro / Arnô Provenzano) Jackson do Pandeiro
09. Quem Resolve É a Mulher (Bidú Reis / Luis Bittencourt) Ademilde Fonseca
10. Me Contaram Diferente (Almanir Grego) João Mello
11. Veja Quem Perdeu (Serafim Adriano) Jackson do Pandeiro
12. Brotinho da Saia Curta (José Santos / Durval Guido) Wilson Toledo

Find it on the: 


Créditos: Aktivista Neumereni

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