Gade e Walfrido Silva – Gafieira (1956)

Musidisc M-045

Another 10′ collaboration between piano player Gadé and drummer Walfrido Silva, who were featured in December 2014 in this parallel reality with 8 compositions on one side of an Lp called Piano Brasileiro, while the other side  contained 8 tracks by Joe Pernambuco.

Another copy of the album presented today was posted nine years ago on Loronix, so I suggest to read Zeca‘s text about it on Órfãos do Loronix.
More reading material inside the cover…

All eight tracks were composed by Gadé / Walfrido Silva and are listed as follows:

1. Na Cadência do Tambor (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
2. Vou Casar no Uruguai (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
3. Cem Anos De Perdão (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
4. Tudo Agora É Sonho (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
5. Vai Cavar A Nota (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
6. O Feitiço Virou (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
7. Perdi a Aposta (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)
8. Meu Consolo (Gadé / Walfrido Silva)

Accompanhamento ritmico e coral


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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