Mario Pereira – Gostosura! (1966)

Entré/CBS 4086

Mário Pereira‘s focus of interest, clearly displayed on the front cover, is not his only one: He is also fond of playing clarinet, which is the main reason he is presented here.

His so far identified discography counts 6 albums released in the period from 1964 to 1969 + an independent CD release published in 1997.

The back cover offers no information about him and even less about the musicians playing with him.

The compositions / composers list is present and it is ordered like this:

01. Estou Esperando (Jair do Pandeiro / Waldemar José)
02. Niquinho no Samba (Niquinho / Othon Russo)
03. Fino da Roça (Niquinho / Mário Pereira)
04. Aquele Beijo (Welton Sant’Anna)
05. Ausência de Uma Solidão (Edvar Borges)
06. Choro do Cabeludo (Irio Nepomuceno / Irapuan Nepomuceno)

07. Gostosura (Zeno Clemente Rodrigues)
08. Pinguins no Baião (Irapuan Nepomuceno / Mário Pereira)
09. Psicose no Coco (Alexandre Alves / Zito de Souza)
10. Capichaba no Choro (Agenor Madureira / Joãozinho)
11. Chorinho ao Luar (Abel Ferreira)
12. Passo do Bobo (Magno Fernandes / Avelino Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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