Os Centauros (1967)

Musicolor/Continental LPK 20.001

The only career album by Os Centauros.

About the band and this release I can inform you only of:

1. The release date (1967),
2. The names of the compositions
3. The names of the composers

01. Bus Stop (Graham Gouldman)
02. Black Is Black (Tony Hayes / Steve Wadey / Michelle Grainger)
03. Só Vou Gostar de Quem Gosta de Mim (Rossini Pinto)
04. Last Train To Clarksville (Tommy Boyce / Bobby Hart)
05. O Bom Rapaz (Geraldo Nunes)
06. See You In September (Sherman Edwards / Sid Wayne)
07. Feitiço de Broto (Carlos Imperial)
08. Language Of Love (John D. Loudermilk)
09. A Praça (Carlos Imperial)
10. Ma He’s Making Eyes At Me (C. Conrad / Sidney)
11. Eu Não Presto, Mas Eu Te Amo (Roberto Carlos)
12. The More I See You (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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