The Fire Boys – Musica para a Jovem Guarda (N/D)

SBA/Musipop M-ADS 001

The previously to me unknown Jovem Guarda band The Fire Boys seemed to have only this one career album, released at an unknown date by SBA/Musipop.
After digging a bit deeper, the first impression turned out to be completely wrong as The Fire Boys are just an extra project false name of The Fevers, whose discography consists of compactos, albums, extra projects, collections and participations in a huge number, so huge that I gave up the idea of counting it..

The compositions performed on their Parallel Realities premiere are:

01. A Casa D’irene (Francesco Maresca / Francesco Pagano)
02. Emoção (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
03. Taboo (Margarita Lecuona)
04. Parei… Olhei (Rossini Pinto)
05. Wooly Bully (Domingo Samudio)
06. Letkiss Jenka (Rauno Lehtinen)
07. Alguém Na Multidão (Rossini Pinto)
08. Ai De Mim (All Of Me) (Seymour Simons / Gerald Marks / Vrs. Neusa de Souza)
09. Quando o Sol Despertar (Almir Bezerra / Pedrinho da Luz)
10. Help (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
11. Shame And Scandal In The Family (Huon Donaldson / Slim Henry Brown)
12. Festa De Arromba (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

One thought on “The Fire Boys – Musica para a Jovem Guarda (N/D)

  1. Parabéns pela postagem. Este LP é muito raro. Muito obrigado. Vou repostá-lo no meu blog, e darei os merecidos créditos. Abraços


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