Ivanildo Vila Nova e Geraldo Amancio – Violas de Ouro (1976)

Musicolor 1.04-405-184

Another viola duo consisting of Ivanildo Vila Nova and Geraldo Amancio who are also the authors of the music they are performing is presented for the first time in this parallel reality.
This album is, as you might have guessed, unlisted. On the other hand, Ivanildo Vila Nova has two listed viola duo career albums one recorded with Sebastião Dias in 1981 and the other with Severino Feitosa, released in 1980.
Geraldo Amancio is, as far as Memoria Musical’s listing is concerned, not mentioned at all, which does not mean that this is his only release…
Braulio Tavares, the author of the linear notes can tell you more about these two artists and this recording, which is according to his text, their first.

North-east sounds like:

1. Deus O Homem e A Natureza (Sextilhas)
2. O Mesageiro da Fé (Mote)
3. Turismo pelo Brasil (Galope B. Mar)
4. A Vida de Cada Um (Quadrão Mineiro)
5. O Sertão em Carne e Alma (Martelo Agalopado)
6. Deu Tudo ao Contrário (Mourão Voltado)
7. Revoltas Brasileiras (Brasil de Pai Tomás)
8. Giro pelo Mundo (Gabinete)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 


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