Bacabal – Nossa Voz (S/D)

Independente 523.404.847

Presenting for the first time Bacabal with the first volume of their independent release of three albums of the Nossa Voz series, recorded at an unknown date. There are two texts about this project printed on the back cover, written by Abel Carvalho and Paulo Campos. Also you may find additional information on (at least) two sites: Zé Lopes Bacabal and Blog do Sergio Matias.

Compositions, composers and performers:

01. Nossa Voz (Perboire) – Perboire
02. Estrela do Embaçada (Marcus Marinhão / Zé Lopes / Abel Carvalho) – Marcus Marinhão
03. Sementes de um Poeta (Assis Viola / Flavio Souza / Edvan Xavier) – Assis Viola
04. Flôr (Zé Lopes) – Zé Lopes
05. A Voz do Corção (Raimundinho / Abel Carvalho / Paulo Campos) – Raimundinho
06. Árvore de Metal (Marcos Boa Fé) – Marcos Boa Fé
07. Neons do Amanhecer (Zé Lopes) – Zé Lopes
08. Boi Meninho (Raimundinho) – Raimundinho
09. Oitavo Sentido (Zé Lopes) – Perboire
10. Eternamento Coxinho (Música incidental: Urrou – Coxinho)(Marcus Marinhão / Zé Lopes / Assis Viola) – Marcus Marinhão
11. Galardão (Assis Viola / Flávio Souza / Marcos Andrade / Edvan Xavier) – Assis Viola


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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