Boca de Ouro de Nelson Rodrigues – Soundtrack (1963)

San Remo RS 1002
A 33 1/3 rpm EP with just two compositions as part of the soundtrack for Boca de Ouro de Nelson Rodrigues.
Composed and directed by Remo Usai:

1. Abertura (Remo Usai)
2. Tema (Remo Usai)

By the way, I am watching quite a lot of movies lately and some time ago I have decided to create some IMDb lists of films which I enjoyed very much for various reasons and which I recommend watching.
There are no links for download of movies, but for the majority it should not be a problem to find streams on the net by entering “Movie title (year) watch online” in the search.
I added the links to these lists in form of several movie posters on the right column of Parallel Realities Music which are grouped according to topic or manner and which you may click to access the lists with all information available about the plot, writers, directors, actors etc, as well as images.

This soundtrack presented today is also the start of a new list named Soundtracks presented on Parallel Realities, containing links to IMDb information about most of the movies that were presented here.

All lists will be updated accordingly.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 


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