Leslie Trio Vol.2

The promised second volume of Leslie Trio. The drummer on this volume is another one and there are two guests:

Singer Leila Chavantes and
sax player Esdras Souza.

The Trio this time:

LeslieSam” – piano
Adelbert – bass
Bererê – drums

Fantastic sounds of:

01. Autumn Leaves – Canta Leila Chavantes
02. Body And Soul – Sax Esdras Souza
03. Dindi – Canta Leila Chavantes
04. Feitinha Pro Poeta
05. Love Dance – Sax Esdras Souza
06. Lover
07. Me Deixa Em Paz
08. Misty – Canta Leila Chavantes
09. Moon River
10. Moon River (Take 2)
11. ‘Round Midnight – Sax Esdras Souza
12. Speak Low – Sax Esdras Souza
13. Summertime – Canta Leila Chavantes
14. The Shadow Of Your Smile – Canta Leila Chavantes


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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