Conjunto Ambar – Ritmos Latino-Americanos (1959)

Arpège ALP 002

The previously (to me) unknown Conjunto Ambar with their only (?) recording released by Waldir Calmon‘s record label Arpège has it’s premiere (and probably goodbye) in this parallel reality.
About the Conjunto Ambar I can tell you only that it consists of musicians from Uruguay, a fact which I have found on the back cover text, which also explains in detail the various musical styles and rhythms presented on this album.
About the Arpège label I know only that it has released 4 albums during 1959-1960, two of them are by Waldir Calmon, one by an obscure conjunto called Conjunto Raffa’s, plus a compacto duplo by singer Daisy Gustini.

The titles, composers and styles:

01. La Empaliza (Luis Kalaff)  Merecumbê
02. Ave Maria Lola (Sergio Gonzalez Siaba)  Guasamba
03. Apambichao (Carlos Argentino)  Merengue
04. My Little One (G. Howe / D. Cussin)  Bolero-mambo
05. Pecadora (Agustín Lara)  Bolero-mambo
06. El Montuno Favorito (J. Herrero)  Guaracha
07. Balada Triste (Dalton Vogeler / Esdras Pereira da Silva / Vrs. Oscar Antônio Nunes)  Bolero
08. La Barca (Roberto Cantoral)  Bolero
09. Loca Ilusion (Xavier Cugat)  Bolero
10. Noche de Ronda (Agustín Lara)  Bolero
11. Duerme (Miguel Prado / Gabriel Luna de La Fuente)  Bolero
12. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Osvaldo Farrés) Bolero-mambo


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 


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