Clemar de Oliveira e Sua Orquestra – Os Brotos Comandam (1962)

Musicolor/Continental MLP 9034

Back in 1960 at the time of the release of the first edition of this album by Todoamérica, Clemar de Oliveira was the youngest band leader of them all…
This and lots of other information about Clemar‘s life, career and music as well all about the musicians of his band, you may find inside the linear notes printed on the back cover of this 1962 re-edition.

The jovem styled Vespa decorated cover includes also the word “broto” while the track list includes these compositions:

01. To The Ends Of The Earth (Joe Sherman / Noel Sherman)
02. Bye Bye Baby (Jule Styne / Leo Robin)
03. L’edera (Merci) (Saverio Seracini / Vincenzo D’Acquisto / Vrs. Armando Louzada) Vocal: Zenaide Xavier
04. My Special Angel (Jimmy Duncan)
05. Swing And Mambo (Perez Prado / V. Crespo)
06. An Affair To Remember (Harry Warren / Harold Adamson / Leo McCarey)
07. Banco de Jardim (Bob Júnior / Edair Badaró)
08. Serenata (Franz Schubert)
09. Córdoba (Albeniz)
10. Lua De Mel (Bernardo Cascarelli Jr. “xixa”)
11. Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez)
12. Perfidia (Alberto Dominguez)

By the way, as far as I know this is the only recording by Clemar de Oliveira.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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