Jair Pimentel (N/D)

Mocambo LP 10024

Clarinet, sax and flute player Jair Pimentel surrounded by his instruments, presents himself audio-visually from the vinyl on his 10′ Lp and corresponding cover photograph and textually in a long, unsigned, text on the back cover.

I’ll leave the textural and visual presentation for all interested to read and watch themselves at leisure and offer here just the track list:

1. A Risada Da Chiquinha (Jair Pimentel) Polca
2. Muribequinha (Jair Pimentel) Choro
3. O Carrinho de Seu José (Jair Pimentel) Choro
4. O Galinheiro da Chiquinha (Jair Pimentel) Choro
5. Baião de Três (Jair Pimentel) Baião
6. Atrapalhado (Jair Pimentel) Choro
7. Onilda (Jair Pimentel) Choro
8. O Choro da Chiquinha (Jair Pimentel) Polca

Note that this is probably his first career album out of altogether 4 + a lot of 78 rpms


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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