Irany Pinto – Inspiracao – Musicas de Lina Pesce (1958)

Copacabana CLP 11027

Violin player Irany Pinto accompanied by orchestra, performing compositions by Lina Pesce.

Paulo Roberto, the author of the linear notes, mentions two instrumentalists playing along Irany Pinto on this album; Sandoval (Dias ?) playing the slightly sax look-alike Clarone and José Menezes (no surprise here) Violão.

How it all sounds, you may find out by listening to:

01. Corruira Saltitante (Lina Pesce)
02. Saudoso (Lina Pesce)
03. Tangará na Dança (Lina Pesce)
04. Sabiá Feiticeiro (Lina Pesce)
05. Elegante (Lina Pesce)
06. Bem-Te-Vi Atrevido (Lina Pesce)
07. Baião Concertante (Lina Pesce)
08. Onde Estará Meu Amor (Lina Pesce)
09. Doce Recordação (Lina Pesce)
10. Canarinho Gracioso (Lina Pesce)
11. Prelúdio ao Sonho (Lina Pesce)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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