Francisco Moraes e Sua Orquestra – Sucessos de Adelino Moreira (1961)

RCA Victor BBL 1153

Francisco Moraes has been presented for the first time on Parallel Realities a short time ago with his first career album.

At that time I knew that he was a maestro and arranger but thought that his main instrument was the piston (as the front cover is covered with a giant piston) and that he is also playing piano, as the back cover has a small photograph of him next to his piano.

Now here he is again with a tribute to composer Adelino Moreira as orchestra leader, arranger and piano player.

To the confusion are adding also two texts on the back cover, the first (and longer one) written by Ramalho Neto and another (shorter) signed with Julio Nagib.

The tracks are all composed by Adelino Moreira:

01. A Volta do Boêmio (Adelino Moreira)
02. Maria Helena (Adelino Moreira)
03. Deusa do Asfalto (Adelino Moreira)
04. Devolvi (Adelino Moreira)
05. Chore Comigo (Adelino Moreira)
06. Flor Do Meu Bairro (Adelino Moreira)
07. Solidão (Adelino Moreira)
08. Ciclone (Adelino Moreira)
09. Fantoche (Adelino Moreira)
10. Moço (Adelino Moreira)
11. Queixas (Adelino Moreira)
12. Meu Vício É Você (Adelino Moreira)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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