Luiz Americano – Chora Saxofone (1958)

RCA Victor BBL 1005

The other (first) career album by sax player and composer Luiz Americano (with regional) completes his discography consisting (as far as I know) of two Lp records.

Worth mentioning is, by the way, Elmo Barros‘ long and informative text about Luiz on the back cover.

Worth mentioning is also that Luiz Americano‘s second career album has been posted more than a year ago in this parallel reality and the link still works.

So do the following compositions:

01. Lágrimas de Virgem (Luiz Americano)
02. Numa Seresta (Luiz Americano)
03. Suely (Eduardo Patané)
04. Léa (Luiz Americano)
05. Assim Mesmo (Luiz Americano)
06. É do Que Há (Luiz Americano)
07. Lêda (Luiz Americano)
08. Tempero da Chiquinha (Luis de Souza / M. H. Santos)
09. Negrinha (Joubert de Carvalho)
10. Valina (Luiz Americano / Daniel Lustosa)
11. Choro de Caetetu (M. H. Santos / Salin Salomão)
12. Garrincha (Luiz Americano)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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