Norberto Macedo – Portinari 90 Anos – Coracao Brasileiro (1983)

Kuarup KCP 90

After the publication of Norberto Macedo‘s  Norberto Macedo – Meu Violao… Minha Seresta… (1969) Nilton Antonio Rodrigues Maia contacted me and offered to send us the complete discography of Norberto Macedo, an offer which I simply would not and could not refuse..

Here is the first album out of Nilton‘s collection, accompanied by the text Nilton wrote:

This was the third Norberto Macedo’s record, launched as non-commercial by a graphic arts company and given as a gift for its clients in 1993. It contains his own compositions played by him, two other guitarists (his pupils) and a harpsichord player.
The record was a tribute for the 90th birthday of the great Brazilian painter Candido Portinari (1903-1962) and some compositions have the same name as Portinari’s paints. For example: O Sonho (The Dream), Um Baile na Roça (A Rural Ball), Namorados (Valentine):

01. Paisagem de Brodosqui (Prelúdio Nº13) (Norberto Macedo)*
02. O Sonho (Norberto Macedo)*
03. Baile na Roça (Norberto Macedo)*
04. Namorados (Norberto Macedo)*
05. Choro para Portinari (Norberto Macedo)*
06. Coração Brasileiro (Norberto Macedo)*
07. O Menino de Brodosqui (Norberto Macedo)**
08. Lembrança (Norberto Macedo)*
09. Bambuí (Prelúdio Nº12) (Norberto Macedo)*
10. Emília (Norberto Macedo)*
11. De MansinhoChoro (Norberto Macedo)***
12. Lembranças de Outono (Norberto Macedo)*
13. Choro da Volta (Norberto Macedo)****
14. Muriaé (Norberto Macedo)*
15. RecordaçõesChoro (Norberto Macedo)****
16. Prece do Seresteiro (Norberto Macedo)*

* Norberto Macedo (Acoustic Guitar)
** Norberto Macedo (Acoustic Guitar) and Rosana Lanzelotte (Harpsichord)

*** Norberto Macedo, Maurício Trindade (Acoustic Guitars) and Rosana Lanzelotte   (Harpsichord)

**** Norberto Macedo, Maurício Trindade, João Candido Portinari (Acoustic Guitars)  and Rosana Lanzelotte (Harpsichord)


Créditos: Nilton Antonio Rodrigues Maia


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