Conjunto de Percussao Dora Pinto (1960)

Chantecler CMG 2071

Last Saturday evening, a friend told me that he had a conversation about music over the net with a lady from another country (I can’t remember which) where he recommended her to visit Parallel Realities and take a look.
Her comment after doing it was that, apart from ladies singing, she could not find any female musicians performing on any album she found while visiting my site.

Just men and only men…

The same evening, a few hours later, the package from Pedro & 300discos arrived.

After unpacking I found this album and could not believe my eyes:
At first sight looking on the front cover, a assumed that it is a female instrumental percussion trio.

After a detailed inspection I realized that it is not a trio, but that (if I counted correctly) there are twenty ladies, arranging, playing various instruments and singing:

General management, arrangements and notes by Dora Pinto

Special guest singer: Lourdinha Brasil

Pianists: Ilka Valle, Luiza Ceccareilli

Soloists: Marilia Oliveira, Marilza Carvalho, Yvonne Maia Forte

The group: Alaida Witte, Ayrsa Prochownick, Celeste Arcias, Daisy Pinto, Dulce Plinio, Ely Airam, Heloisa Rabello, Inge Muller, Lin Della Nina, Liliana Soares de Paula, Regina Sampaio, Ruth Loureiro, Smary Tavares da Silva

The story about Dora Pinto is highly interesting and is presented in the linear notes both in Portuguese and English on the inside cover of this only (?) recording that Conjunto de Percussão Dora Pinto has released and I suggest reading it.

The compositions:

01. Noite de Temporal (Dorival Caymmi)
02. Hei de Seguir Teus Passos (Waldemar Henrique)
03. Malagueña (Ernesto Lecuona)
04. Obaluaiê (Abigail Moura)
05. Jongo (Oscar Lorenzo Fernández)
06. Lundu Amazonense (Arnaldo Rebello)
07. Chorinho Elegante (Babi de Oliveira)
08. Dança Macabra Op 40 (C. Saint / Shens)
09. Pássaro Desconhecido (Ivette Carvalho)
10. Sessão de Macumba (Tradicional)
11. Porque (Ivette Carvalho)
12. Domingo (Nênia Fernandes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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