Gallo e Seu Conjunto – Um Drink Dancante (1958)

Columbia LPCB 40004

Piano player Gallo, presented about a month ago with his first career album. Now here is his second one.

The cast is different this time and consists of:

Gallo: Piano
Paulo Nunes (Paulinho): Guitarra
João Alves do Carmo (Joãozinho): Bateria
Gumercindo Nogueira da Silva (Gugu): Contrabaixo
Amaury Rodrigues: Ritmo

The tracks:

01. Adios Muchachos (César Vedani / Julio César Sanders)
02. Promessa (Custódio Mesquita / Evaldo Ruy)
03. Saudade da Bahia (Dorival Caymmi)
04. When Lights Are Low (Carter / Williams)
      Bop-tura (Dare You Bop) (Charlie Ventura)
05. Espinita (Nico Jimenez)
06. I Love You Samantha (Cole Porter)
07. Vola Colomba (Carlo Concina / Bruno Cherubini)
08. Luna Rossa (A. Avian / V. de Crescenzo)
09. Esperame En El Cielo (Francisco Lopez Vidal “Paquito”)
10. Meet Mister Callaghan (Eric Spears)
11. I Could Have Danced All Night (Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe)
12. Only You (Buck Ram / Ande Rand)

After quick listening to several tracks, I burned this album immediately to CD and could not stop playing it over and over again.
Once again it happens: Playing pure para dançar relieves the musicians of the pressure to create art that will amaze the public and critics and get a place in music history (an attitude which so often leads  to catastrophic results) and makes it possible to really create something outstanding.
Well Gallo and his conjunto have created a masterpiece here, pure beauty, elegance and excitement.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos 

2 thoughts on “Gallo e Seu Conjunto – Um Drink Dancante (1958)

  1. Milan , the track Bop-tura is not compsed by french bandleader Ray Ventura. It is a composition by american Jazz saxophonist Charlie Ventura, leader of the Bop for the people Combo.


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