Deo Rian – Saudades de Um Bandolim (1976)

Continental 1.19.405.022

Bandolim player Déo Rian has his premiere on Parallel Realities.
As there is a long text on the back cover by J. L. Ferrete about Déo and another, even longer, about him and the Quinteto Villa-Lobos and their members, who have a special participation on this release.
I will just mention that Déo Rian was a member of the Conjunto Época de Ouro at the time (1974) they have published their album called Conjunto Época de Ouro and that Saudades de Um Bandolim was produced by the great Dalton Vogeler, who also acted as composer on one track.

Of course I will also mention some facts that the writers of the texts could not possibly have known at the time they wrote their texts: Déo Rian has recorded altogether at least ten career albums (six of them after this one presented today) and participated in a special project called Noites Cariocas – 15 Anos Depois – A Alegria de Improviso (2003 – Kuarup KCD-182)

The compositions performed are:

01. Vale Tudo (Jacob do Bandolim)
02. Paciente (Pixinguinha)
03. Santinha (Anacleto de Medeiros)
04. Bachorando (Dalton Vogeler)
05. Choro da Saudade (Agustin Barrios)
06. Menino de Ouro (Ernesto Nazareth)
07. Remelexo (Jacob do Bandolim)
08. Ainda Me Recordo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
09. Jovial (Francisco Gorgulino de Souza)
10. Deu Abóbora na Retreta (Candinho)
11. Choro Negro (Paulinho da Viola / Fernando Costa)
12. Poesia E Amor (Mário Alvares Conceição)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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