Leo Jordan e Seu Conjunto – O Balanco Chegou – Vocals Joab e Coro (1962)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40026

Piano player Léo Jordan, including his alter egos, for the very first time in this parallel reality with his only (listed) recording, a career album in fact, recorded in 1962.

No additional information on the back cover this time, except for the usual promotional list of albums released by Som, so anything anyone might know about Léo Jordan would be highly appreciated and added to this post.

Although no proof of it, I strongly believe that there is a connection between Léo Jordan and Steve Bernard apart from the fact that Joab Teixeira is present also here, together with his choir, featuring, among others, also Carminha Mascarenhas.

Here is the complete list of instrumentalists and singes:

Léo Jordan (Paulo da Silva Santos) (Paulinho) – Piano
Fernando Freitas – Bateria
Sebastião Barros – Contrabaixo
Antônio Cássio – Guitarra
Coral Joab:  
Joab Teixeira, Carminha Mascarenhas, Edigardo Luis, Osvaldo Silva e Álvaro Sena

Here is also the complete list of tracks performed and their respective composers:

01. O Balanço Chegou (Carlos Imperial)
02. Deixa A Nega Gingar (Luis Cláudio de Castro)
03. Mora no Balanço (Sebastião Barros)
04. Balanço da Mulata (Dora Lopes / Carminha Mascarenhas / Nilo Viana)
05. Bo Bo Bom (Waldir Azevedo)
06. O Samba e o Rio (Fernando Freitas)
07. Quero Morrer Seu Amigo (João Roberto Kelly)
08. Tem Que Ser Mulata (Milton Olivetti / Roberto Lane)
09. Tem Que Balançar (Carlos Imperial)
10. Sacatiquipum (Carlos Imperial)
11. Meu Sambalanço (Hianto de Almeida)
12. Dama de Baile (Amaury de Oliveira / Aloísio Santana)
13. Pedra Virada (João Leal Brito ”Britinho” / Fernando César)

Here is also the notorious kind of text, upon which anyone eager to listen to this rarity must click:


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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