Ribamar – Carinho e Amor – 10′ (1960)

Parallel Realities Studio 2015

Around five years ago, in another reality, I posted the album: Tito Madi & Ribamar – Carinho e Amor received from Edson Mendes.

Some time later, somebody somewhere decided to reissue music by Tito Madi and started deleting albums with the, at that time, newly copyrighted tracks. As those who have been trying lately to download this LP noticed, instead of the download link under the above mentioned album, the absurd DOWNLOAD YESTERDAY advice has appeared.

As without the masterpieces by Ribamar on the deleted album, I have the unmistakeable feeling that his discography here is incomplete, so I started a trip through all those countless realities existing parallel to the one considered as the only one and finally found one of them where the six tracks performed by Ribamar were released on a separate career 10′ LP, also dated 1960.

Note that in both realities the arrangements are by  Tito Madi, Lyrio Panicalli, Ribamar and Severino Filho. By coincidence the backing vocals are also by the Severino Filho Choral, including Os Cariocas:

In short: Another Parallel Realities Studio release containing:

Lado A:

01. Teu céu, minhas estrelas (Tito Madi)
02. Olhe-me, diga-me (Tito Madi)
03. Senhorita (Tito Madi)

Lado B:

04. Rio triste (Tito Madi)
05. Chove lá fora (Tito Madi)
06. Quero-te assim (Tito Madi)


Créditos: Edson Mendes from a parallel reality


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