Miranda e Conjunto – O Maximo no Genero (1963)

Chantecler CMG 2230

As the next career album by Miranda to be presented, I have chosen his O Máximo no Gênero from 1963 as it is at first sight a bit more revealing than the previous one:

The front cover displays this time not only his guitar, but also the young lady sitting on it.

The back cover shows that the arrangements are by Francisco Morais, also
the text on the back cover text gives additional facts, but not who has written it. 

I am listing here also the names of tracks performed and their composers, but to discover how it all sounds you must do it yourself by listening to:

01. Bonanza (Ray Evans / Jay Livingston)
02. Samba É (A. Miranda / Santana)
03. Dança Cubana (Ari de Jesus / Domingos Real)
04. Dança do Boogie Woogie (Carlos Armando)
05. Hava Nagila (Abraham Zevi Idelsohn)
06. Wadiya (Earl Gary / Jean Rolle / Van Aleda)
07. Cassino (Boudleaux Bryant)
08. Furugudum (Paulo Rogério)
09. Afrikaan Beat (Bert Kaempfert)
10. Las Vegas (L. Johnson)
11. Barril de Chopp (Beer Barrel Polka) (Jaromir Vejvoda / Wladimir A. Timm / Lew Brown)
12. Baby Sittin’ Boogie (Johnny Parker / Joachim Relin)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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