Marlene e Pernambuco e Sua Orquestra – Sa-Sa-Rue (1963)

Continental PPL 12108

A collaboration of Marlene and Pernambuco in promoting the new rhythm created by Marino Pinto and Pernambuco named Sa-sa-ruê.

On side one Marlene is singing accompanied by Pernambuco and his orchestra, while side two features only Pernambuco with his orchestra.

Try to dance to:

01. ABC do Sassaruê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
02. Denguinho (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
03. Sa-ra-ruê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
04. Quem Me Deu a Flor (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
05. Vamos Sa-sa-ruá (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
06. Sa-sa-ruá Meu Bem (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
07. Neguinha Rafiné (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
08. Yayá Coquê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
09. Birutinha (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
10. Taboada do Juquinha (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
11. Vovó Legal (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
12. Sultão de Bagdad (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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