Hélcio Milito – Imagem Barroca Vol.2 (1969)

CBS 37600

Contrary to the previously posted album, the situation on this one is not quite clear, at least neither to me, nor to the authors of Memoria Musical, who listed this album under  “intérprete não identificado”…

I won’t make any assumptions as this parallel reality is already notorious for mistakes and blunt ignorance, but will leave the identification of musicians and all additional facts to those who know.

One fact though is clearly stated on the back cover: The artistic direction is, as on the previous album, done by Hélcio Milito:

01. Les Papillons (André Popp / Pierre Cour)
02. The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Ennio Morricone)
03. Por Alguns Dolares a Mais (For a Few Dollars More) (Ennio Morricone)
04. Mr. Spoons (Tyson)
05. O Tempo Vai Apagar (Paulo César Barros / Getúlio Cortes)
06. Foxtail (Lalo Schifrin)
07. Tomorrow’s Love (Alvaro Covacevich / Bob Russell)
08. E Não Vou Mais Deixar Você Tão Só (Antônio Marcos)
09. Barbarella (Bob Crewe / Charles Fox)
10. Scarborough Fair (Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel)
      Canticle (Cântico) (Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel)


untill someone who knows shares his knowledge.

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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