Leonel e Seu Conjunto – O Negocio… E Gafiera (1958)

Continental LPP 3034

Leonel do Trombone, a trombone player, previously unknown to me, has his premiere on Parallel Realities (together with his conjunto).
About Leonel you may read a long informative text on the back cover, so I will just mention that he has released also another album, twelve years after this one, as well as there are several 78 rpm recordings listed in his discography.

The tracks performed are:

01. Choro do Gato (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
02. Leonel no Maxixe (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
03. Contagioso (Mário Vieira / Leonel do Trombone)
04. Paraquedista (José Leocádio)
05. Brasileiro (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
06. O Balanceado do Leonel (Leonel do Trombone)
07. Sentimental (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
08. Chorinho do Tatá (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
09. Trombonista Despeitado (José da Silva)
10. Meigo (Roberto Martins / Mário Vieira)
11. Estiloso (Leonel do Trombone / Mário Vieira)
12. Na Glória (Raul de Barros / Ari dos Santos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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