Renato Tito e Seu Conjunto – Aconteceu… (1972)

Tapecar TC.005
Tonight we have the pleasure to meet another Tito: Clarinet player Renato Tito  for the first time in this parallel reality with his latest career LP (out of six)

The compositions performed are:

01. A Flauta do Belarmino (Osvaldo Oliveira / D. Figueiroa / Moacir Vieira)
02. Soraia (Moacir Vieira)
03. Aconteceu (Roberto Martins)
04. Tudo É Saudade (Renato Tito)
05. Ovo de Codorna (Severino Ramos)
06. Clarinete Romântico (Paulo Tito / Rubem Gerardi)
07. Gabriela (Raimundo Evangelista / Anatalicio)
08. Um Domingo Sozinho (Renato Tito / Moacir Vieira)
09. Isa (Renato Tito / J. C. Souza)
10. Tranca Rua (Renato Tito)
11. Alguém Pra Me Guiar (Paulo Marques / Delmiro Ramos)
12. Quadrilha do Apéu (Renato Tito / Geraldo Monteiro)

Looks like I made a mistake with names containing unreadable characters in Windows while packing the archive using Linux.
I corrected the names and re-packed the files:

COMRADE TITO – Corrected file

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

4 thoughts on “Renato Tito e Seu Conjunto – Aconteceu… (1972)

  1. Thanks for pointing it out, Stu! I corrected my mistake and it should work now.
    By the way, could you send me the complete track “Gente Humilde” by Paulo Tito, as the end appears to be cut out?

  2. Great Milan thanks.Not sure i can find a complete version of Gente Humilde as its my friend who transfers my vinyl to mp3s but i can ask him to do that track again for you.


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