Orquestra Som Bateau – Top Hits Vol.1 (1966)

Polydor LPNG 4122

Although the Orquestra Som Bateau has a quite prominent discography counting at least 20 career albums (of which this one is the first, as it is also the first of their Top Hits series of four), this is my first encounter with their music, which is clear para dançar, obviously performed and recorded to provide a good atmosphere for dancing and night clubbing in general.

There is a short text about their music on the back cover but Polydor does not mention any names of the performers.

Cool, straightforward sounds and rhythms on: 

01. Les Cornichons (Nino Ferrer / J. Booker)
02. Les Marionettes (Christophe)
03. Monsieur Cannibale (Gérard Gustin / Maurice Tézé)
04. Whipped Cream (Creme Batido) (Naomi Neville)
05. I Only Want To Be With You (Não Me Deixe Só) (Mike Hawker / I. Raymonde)
06. Capri C’est Fini (Hervé Vilard / Marcel Hurten)
07. Mirza (N. Ferrer)
08. Ça Serait Beau (F. Gerard / R. Anthony)
09. On Est Si Bien (Trovajoli / Tèzè)
10. A Taste Of Honey (Bobby Scott / Ric Marlow)
11. A Pescaria (Erasmo Carlos / Roberto Carlos)
12. J’ai Envie (De Vivre Avec Toi) (H. Villard)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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