Tiao Neto – Carrousel (1992)

Niterói Discos ND 026

Tião Neto, bass player of the Bossa Três, with his only (?) solo career album on Parallel Realities.

The almost contemporary ambient sounding tracks: 

1. Tiu-ru-ru (Tião Neto / Oscar Castro Neves) com: Marianna Leporace
2. Antibes (Tião Neto / Nelson Faria)
3. Mar de Sal (Tião Neto / Lani Hall / Sergio Mendes) com: Marianna Leporace
4. Aguxó (Tião Neto / Nei Lopes) com: Nei Lopes
5. Carrousel (Tião Neto)
6. Valsa Triste (Tião Neto)
7. Lundú (Autor Desconhecido)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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