Ruy Rey e Sua Orquestra de Dancas – Te Quiero, Me Quires (1961)

Musicolor/Continental MLP 9008

Maestro Ruy Rey was featured on Parallel Realities with one career album and participating in several Carnaval recordings which you all may look up with just one CLICK.
In the newest Pedro & 300discos package I found another one of his career albums, noted on my Santa Claus list.

So here it is and so is the list of compositions he is performing with his orchestra:

01. Nossos Momentos (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
02. Samba Bom (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
03. I’m Yours (R. Mellin)
04. Morena Linda (Dunga / Paulo Villara)
05. Gin-kana (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
06. Quiereme Amame (Paulo Villara / Ruy Rey)
07. Greenfields (Terry Gilkyson / Richard Deher / Frank Miller)
08. Pra Que (Emílio Batista / Ruy Rey)
09. Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos “Bide” / Armando “Marçal”)
10. Palo Bonito (Ricardo Rico)
11. Tudo É Ilusão (Aníbal da Silva / Eden Silva / Tufic Lauar)
12. Ansiedad (José Enrique Sarabia Rodriguez)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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