Bandinha do Jujuba (1958)

Polydor LPNG 4.017

Gustavo Carvalho better known as Maestro Guaraná is in charge of the direction and arrangements on this (only?) album by the Bandinha do Jujuba.
About this release and the compositions, the back cover provides a long (unsigned) text, but as happens so often, does credit the newest hi-fi recording possibilities of the Polydor studio, but does not mention the names of the participants, except for Maestro Guaraná,

Enjoy the Tuba do Jujuba as well as the other 11 tracks:

01. A Tuba do Jujuba (Alcebiades Nogueira) Maxixe
02. Os Rouxinóis (Lamartine Babo) Marcha-Rancho
03. Aurora (Zéquinha de Abreu) Valsa
04. Casar não é Casaca (Zéquinha de Abreu / Marquez de Ripafloxa) Maxixe
05. Margarida (Guaraná) Polka
06. Néga No Fogão (J. L. Moraes (Caninha) Maxixe
07. Rosinha (J. L. Moraes (Caninha) Maxixe
08. A Jardineira (Benedito Lacerda / Humberto Pôrto) Marcha
09. Saudade (Pixinguinha / J. Cascata) Marcha-Rancho
10. Pic Nic Trágico (Germano Benecase / Gomes de Almeida) Valsa
11. Recordando Os Velhos Tempos (Guaraná) Chôro
12. Miracema Cidade (Alberto Gomes Pessanha) Dobrado


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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