Renato de Oliveira Sua Orquestra e Coro – Tabuada Musical (1963)

Philips P – 632.147 – L

Maestro Renato de Oliveira for the first time under his real name on Parallel Realities with an, as far as I know, unlisted career album, which is, judging by the LP number released in 1963 or eventually in 1964.
The cover artwork will, maybe, look familiar to you, as already another album recorded for Philips that has been posted here a short time ago, has a similar cover done by the same designer.

Renato de Oliveira‘s career is split into, at least, two separate styles: The first is the famous Maestro, burdened with the obligation to record music that will boost his reputation of an artist and musical innovator, and the second as his relaxed alter ego, Cid Gray, performing para dançar music, without any artistic pretentiousness and avant-garde urge.

Which one of the two personalities residing in one person is the artist and which one the entertainer is a matter of idividual decision of the listener and can be formed and expressed according to taste and without any explanation.

Personally I am sceptic of artistic goals, as I believe that art can only come as the result of playing and composing simply for fun and joy.

This album we have in front of us is something third, performed by a combination of Renato de Oliveira, Cid Gray and a mysterious third element

All tracks composed by W. N. de Freitas and O. Coronato:

01. Casa do 2
02. Casa do 3
03. Casa do 4
04. Casa do 5
05. Casa do 6
06. Casa do 7
07. Casa do 8
08. Casa do 9


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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