Anjos do Sol (1965)


About Anjos do Sol , a vocal & instrumental group presented today with their first and only (?) album, I know nothing more than can be judged by looking on the front cover, as the back cover gives no more details than the track listing.
If someone travelling through this parallel reality has any information about them, I’ll be happy to edit this post accordingly.

In the meantime, enjoy the angels’ sunny sounds as presented on these tracks:

01. Ironia (João Roberto Kelly)
02. Marido E Mulher (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos)
03. Laura (Enock Figueiredo / Hugo Lisboa)
04. Café Diferente (Durval Gonçalves / José Bittencourt)
05. Sam B a Bá (Aloísio Machado / Joe Lester)
06. É Tarde (Enock Figueiredo / Barbosa Neto)
07. Ave de Arribação (Sinval Silva)
08. Etiqueta de Mangueira (Waldemar Ressurreição / Salvador Micelli)
09. Desculpe Mãe (Enock Figueiredo)
10. Luz do Morro (Graciano Campos / Waldyr P. Carvalho)
11. Você Passou (Nazareno de Brito / Alcyr Pires Vermelho)
12. Saudade Vai Embora (Enock Figueiredo / Darci de Souza)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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