Garoto – Rarest Recordings (2014)

Parallel Realities Studio PRS A 143

A Parallel Realities Studio 10 Inch production of Garoto as guitar player (he was featured as composer of several tracks posted here, including one performed by our friend, guitarist Stu Blagden from England, who is also the one who sent these rarities to us).

Here is Stu‘s accompanying text:

” Some completely unreleased recordings by the guitarist Garoto (Anibal Augusto Sardinha) made in the early 50’s and recorded by the famous Brazilian guitar professor Ronoel Simoes.
I got these recordings from a Russian conductor who lived in Brazil – a guy called Gennady Zalkovitch who knew many Brazilian musicians such as Radames Gnatalli, Nara Leao, Rafael Rabello and Tom Jobim.”

Enjoy Garoto‘s guitar renditions of:

1. Valsa do Adeus
2. Valsa op.34 nr.12
3. Matilde
4. Brejeiro
5. Haydn String Quartet
6. Fingals Cave
7. Asturias 1
8. Holiday For Strings


Créditos: Gennady Zalkovitch / Stu Blagden

2 thoughts on “Garoto – Rarest Recordings (2014)

  1. My pleasure Jo!
    I have a couple more recordings where Garoto plays The Man I Love by Gershwin.Also please check out on this blog Milan's done a nice job putting my own choro recordings onto a cd called ''An Englishman In Rio'' by Stu Blagden
    Kind regards Stu

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