Lourdinha Brasil – Musica da Terra (1956)


Last evening the unexpected happened:

My good friends, the notorious blogger blogging under the nom de guerre Aktivista Neumereni and special agent of the secret police Agent Novaković, a notorious playboy, both passionate music fans, dropped by.

So far, this is nothing unusual as they are both frequent visitors at my place, but Aktivista arrived with the transfer of this rarity made in Brazil, which he found and bought for a dime on the Bajlonijeva pijaca, an open air green market where also a flea market is in full action.

I could not believe my eyes: An unknown cantora, on a ten inch recorded in 1956 for RGE!

How it happened to be on a flee market sale in Belgrade is a mystery to us, but there it is.

Further researches conducted immediately have shown that it is her only career album and also that the musical direction is by Henrique Simonetti, while the artistic direction is by Roberto Corte Real.

Enjoy the premiere consisting of these songs:

1. Rei Do Congo (Tradicional / Adpt. Jaime Griz) Maracatu
2. Chirimindé (Tradicional / Adpt. Paixão Cortes / Adpt. Barbosa Lessa) Cantiga
3. Nhapopé (Tradicional) Canção
4. Baiana Dengosa (Elias Salomé / Lopes Rodrigues) Jongo
5. Tatu (Barbosa Lessa / Paixão Cortes) Dansa gaúcha
6. Escravo de Engenho (Xandu) Lamento negro
7. Chimarrita (Tradicional / Rec. Rossini Tavares de Lima) Limpa banco
8. Piá do Mutum (Tradicional) Modinha


Créditos: Aktivista Neumereni

Aktivista has just sent me his scans of this album, so I have re uploaded it and included them in the package


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