Germano e Seu Conjunto – Violino de Bossa (1962)

Chantecler CMG 2180

As the second album to be presented today we have the opportunity do meet violin player Germano  and his conjunto for the first time in this parallel reality.

About the in Argentina born German WeinrotGermano” and his music you may read a nice text on the back cover written by Braz Baccario, which is more informative on the subject than I could ever be, while at the same time enjoying Germano‘s magical way of performing these beautiful compositions:

01. Haroldo no Choro (Abel Ferreira)
02. The Magnificent Sven (Sete Homens e Um Destino) (E. Bernstein)
03. Um Milhão De Estrelas (Júlio Nagib / Bernardo Cascarelli Jr. “xixa”)
04. Carona (A. Miranda)
05. Dinah (Akat / S. Lewis / J. Young)
06. Lua De Mel (Bernardo Cascarelli Jr. “xixa”)
07. Diplomata (Teddy Vieira / Yvany de Andrade Soares)
08. Aurora (Roberto Roberti / Mário Lago)
09. Fascination (Fermo Dante Marchetti)
10. Cavaleiro do Bem (Maugéri Neto)
11. Tenho Saudade (Santana / Miranda)
12. Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

P.S. There is actually something I know about Germano which Braz Baccario could only guess at the time he was writing his text on the back cover of Germano‘s debut album: According to Memoria Musical, Germano has recorded (at least) three more LPs, the latest dated 1983.


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