Adylson Godoy – Sou Sem Paz (1965)


Singer, composer and piano player Adylson Godoy has his premiere tonight on Parallel Realities with his Erlon Chaves arranged album from 1965: In form of a transfer and cover scans by Pedro.

Although it is his premiere in this parallel reality, Sou Sem Paz has been already posted on the net, namely on the legendary Loronix blog several years ago, which means that all relevant details you may find and read on Órfãos do Loronix where Zecalouro‘s text is re-printed.

You may also want to read the texts of the songs, about the musicians as well as a text written by Adylson on the back cover.

Here is the track list:

01. Prece a Chuva (Adylson Godoy)
02. Flor da Manhã (Adylson Godoy)
03. Não Chora Não, Zé (Adylson Godoy)
04. É Demais Sonhar Você (Adylson Godoy)
05. Preconceito (Adylson Godoy)
06. Tristeza Inocente (Adylson Godoy)
07. Sou Sem Paz (Adylson Godoy)
08. Eternidade (Luis Chaves / Adylson Godoy)
09. Bobo da Corte (Adylson Godoy)
10. Desesperança (Adylson Godoy)
11. Só de Saudade (Adylson Godoy)
12. Tema Para os Olhos Dela (Adylson Godoy) Instrumental


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

One thought on “Adylson Godoy – Sou Sem Paz (1965)

  1. Thanks for making one of my favourite albums available again. Now, I can listen to it in better sound quality — and I have the back cover, too.
    Best Regards


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