Erlon Chaves – Banda Veneno Internacional – Selecao Especial (1973)

Philips 2809.030

An out of catalogue rarity promotional album with selected tracks from Erlon‘s international series, sponsored by beer drinker’s delight Skol Beer.

Open an ice cold bottle of your favourite beer, regardless if it is Skol or another brand and enjoy the selection of compositions:

Lado A:

01. Jingle Bells (Tradicional)
      White Christmas (I. Berlin)
02. My Love (Paul McCartney)
      Live And Let Die (Paul e Linda McCartney)
03. Push Together (P. Eis / F. de Prijck)
      The Cisco Kid (S. Allen / H. R. Brown / M. Dickerson / L. Joredan / C. W. Miller / L. Oscar / H. Scott)
04. Killing Me Softly With This Song (N. Gimbel / C. Fox)
      Lost Horizon (Bacharach / David)
05. Cantiga 1 (Neneco / Erlon Chaves)

Lado B:

06. O Show Já Terminou (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
      De Tanto Amor (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
      A Distância (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos
07. Long Train Runnin’ (Tom Johnston)
      Soul Makossa (Manu Dibango)
08. Águas de Março (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
09. All My Love Is For You (Norel Keys)
10. Cantiga 2 (Neneco / Erlon Chaves)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos


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